Friday, May 18, 2012

Bea the Designer!

Beatrice has taken a liking to design lately. Funny how a parent's work can have such an influence. Even as a 6-year-old she understands the difference between design and art. She knows what an icon is and how it's different from a drawing. Every day she amazes me with just how darn smart she is.

So, just like I did back in January with selling Bea's art I thought about how to can Bea do design for sale? I'd heard about a site called Zazzle, checked it out and decided that it provided exactly what we needed. An easy way to design product with Bea's artwork (and mine, too!)

So, Beatrice and I have worked on some lovely product designs to sell on The sale of each will garner us a royalty. Clicking on any of the ad banners in this blog (to the right) can also garner a 15% royalty for us if a sale results. The goal of any profits we make is to help pay for amazing activities for Bea and the family this summer and fall. These activities include local trips to Savannah, St. Simon and Chattanooga.

We are also planning to use sales from this Zazzle shop to help pay for a new back garden. We have some money saved but it's not quite enough to make it happen. Our yard is a wreck and the hope is to give Bea as much outdoor time as possible to keep her strong and healthy. And, Bea would like her own garden to plan flowers and vegetables, too.

See other gifts available on Zazzle.

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