Bea the Artist

UPDATE: Bea has been way healthy for the past few weeks and has been using her newly returned energy to be super creative. She is drawing and painting up a storm. I'll be posting her work on my Etsy store for a BIG art sale sometime this week! There are a couple dozen drawings and a good 8-10 paintings that I'll be posting for sale and they're fantastic. She doesn't know what she's gonna do with any sale $$ yet but she wants it to be something pretty big this time. I'll keep all you SweetBea fans posted!

Beatrice Tolley has established herself as on of Marietta, Georgia's best up and coming artists. Her media tends to be marker or crayon but also occasionally delves into acrylic paint. It usually depends on what her mother lets her work with.

Her subject matter ranges from birds to hearts to strawberries, dogs and horses. Her use of color tends to be very vibrant and she is not afraid to leave white space on the page. Her compositions are well balanced and full of positive energy.

SUPPORT BEA WITH A PURCHASE. If you would like to purchase an original artwork by Beatrice or commission her to make a drawing for you, please go to This is her mother's site but she is sharing the space so that Bea's wish to be a professional artist comes true. If you go to Etsy and find that the shop is closed, which does happen, try to find all kinds of merchandise with Bea's artwork on it - Tshirts, buttons, stickers and more.

She promises you won't be disappointed with her work and that she will spend the money earned on important things like going bowling, playing mini golf, buying toys and enjoying her days doing other fun things.