Thursday, September 24, 2015

10 on Saturday

I don't really want to write this week. Because it reminds me that Bea isn't here and that it's been almost 3 years since a brain tumor took her from me. The grief is exhausting and most times it's easier to pretend it's not there. But it is.

Bea's 10th birthday is Saturday. I wish I could be doing last minute planning for a super cool birthday party. I have no idea what she would be into now. Maybe still Hello Kitty. I mean, that cat never goes out of style. Maybe she would have outgrown her. But I'll never know.

I don't want another child to miss another birthday because there is no effective treatment for their cancer. I want a full cure and the only way to do this is to fund the amazing medical researchers who do this on our behalf. I don't have the ability to do it myself and trust this brilliant men and women who spend their lives trying to save our kids.

As usual my family is donating what we would have spent on birthday gifts for Bea to celebrate her life. The donations will go to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and CureSearch for Children's Cancer. They provide all kinds of financial and emotional support to families who have been stricken with this horrific illness. They also subsidize many, many promising studies into pediatric brain cancer. This is not one of those super huge organizations where most of your money goes to admin. This goes where it should. We will be donating $200.00.

To celebrate Bea's 10th birthday I am asking all of you reading this to donate $10.00 to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation or CureSearch for Children's Cancer. And to wear pink on Saturday. I know that's symbolically a breast cancer color but it was Bea's favorite and I know Bea would be thrilled to see her friends and family wearing her beloved color.

CureSearch for Children's Cancer is an organization I found a few weeks ago. One of the medical researchers funded by CureSearch is specifically researching DIPG and has found some promising clues as to how it works. Please click this link and was the video to hear about their amazing work:

Here are the links to donate:

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation:

CureSearch for Children's Cancer:

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