Bea Activities

This page is dedicated to documenting Bea's super fun activities.

August 11 - Lunch at Sophie's!

August 10 - Annabelle came over to play for the day.

August 4-6 - Daddy's birthday weekend. We went to Chattanooga with Grandma from England. We went to the Tennessee Aquarium, the Creative Discovery Museum and the Hunter Museum of Art. We saw a cool IMAX documentary about polar bears, too.

July 29 - Avery's 5th birthday party!

July 27 - The Olympics begin. The half time games were a curious thing for Bea.

July 25 - Grandma from England arrived for a visit.

July 14-18 - Big Ziga family vacation at Ocean City, NJ.

June 26 - Playing at the cool castle in Doylestown, PA with Spencer and Lewis and ice cream at Maggie Moo's!

June 25 - Chuck E' Cheese with Trevor, Lewis, mom and Aunt Missy!

June 24 - A fun family and friends party at Uncle Steve's!

June 1 - Bea's first sleepover party for Nyla's birthday. The party included pizza, water games and a mani/pedi. Happy Birthday, Nyla! 

May 27-30 - Our trip to DisneyWorld! Posting to come as soon as I sort out the photos.

May 25 - Bea's last day of kindergarden. And, a water balloon fight at the bus stop!

May 18-21 - Aunt Kathy and Misty visited for the weekend. Bea and Lewis both bad colds but we all still had a great time hanging out. And, Bea kicked her cold in time to go to the Atlanta Zoo!

May 13 - Nia and family came over. Nia and Bea were artists in mom's studio for a couple of hours.

May 12 - Birthday Party for Dylan at Kangazoo. Bouncy! Bouncy!

May 10 - Field Day at Kincaid Elementary.

May 9 - Class trip to the Chattahoochie Nature Center.

April 27-29 - Mountain holiday at a beautiful lake house near Sapphire, NC.

April 21 - Birthday Party for the Triplets - a Swim Party, super fun!

April 17 - Back to piano lessons after a short hiatus.

April 10-15 - Grandmom from Philadelphia visited. We went shopping at World Market and Grandmom bought Bea and Lewis an air hockey game. We had a nice patio lunch at Bahama Breeze on a warm afternoon.

April 7 - Dahlonega, GA with Dad, Lewis, Uncle Geoff and Aunt Jen. Dinner at the Corkscrew Cafe (the best restaurant in Dahlonega, hands down). There was also an antique car show going on and a car with Bea's name, sort of. Way cool...

April 6 - A visit to the GA Aquarium with Dylan, Polina, Uncle Geoff, Aunt Jen, Lewis and Mom. It was super crowded. We'll think twice about going there over spring break! It was still a good visit though. The otters were hilarious.

April 5 - Monster Mini Golf with Uncle Geoff and Aunt Jen.

April 3 - A lunch date at Capozzi's and shopping with Uncle Geoff and Aunt Jen.

March 26 - Bea went back to school full time!

March 18-22 - A lovely beach vacation at Blue Mountain Beach, FL (near Destin). Accomodations supplied by Bobbi and family and were idylic. Bea and Lewis got to go to the beach and play mini-golf. At the house they spent their time playing games, snoozing and eating lots and lots.

March 17 - Dylan visits for a playdate.

March 13-15 - Visit to Pittsburgh for the beginning of Bea's clinical trial. We stayed in a nice hotel. Bea got to go swimming in an indoor pool.

March 11 - TGrandma and grandpa from England arrive for a visit.

March 10 - Two amazing events! A Tennis round robin fundraiser hosted by mom's friends Lisa and Mary. Bea, Lewis and mom went to that. And, then a Bea-Sgetti Dinner at St. Catherine's hosted by the Girl Scouts. The whole family went to this and the spaghetti was delicious!

March 6 - Playdate with great kids in the neighborhood.

March 5 - Weekly piano lesson but this time Dad took Bea! She's getting ready for her first recital on March 11.

March 4 - An early afternoon playdate at Addison's with Lewis. A late afternoon picnic in the park with Nia and family. It was cold and windy but very enjoyable. Bea stated "Life is good" as she chowed on a jelly sandwich and goldfish crackers.

March 3 - A Bea-Utiful Night Benefit at Blue Mark Studio. Read about at

March 2 - Another musical visit from Ms. Lynn. Then fun and dinner with Carolyne at Chuck E. Cheese!

February 23-27 - A Visit to Larry and Lenore's house at Wild Dunes, just outside Charleston, SC. We all had lots of fun and I plan to put up a post just for that experience as soon as I get the photos off my camera.

February 19 - Afternoon at the movies. Gonna see Puss N' Boots at the $1 Theater.

February 18 - Zumbathon at the Dance Stop. OMG! So much fun! Photos to come soon.

February 17 - Grandmom from Philadelphia arrives today!

February 16 - Chuck E Cheeses with Lewis, Mimi and Nanette. How much fun can Bea handle!

February 14 - Happy Valentine's Day! Bea went to school for her class Valentine's Party and stayed for lunch. Then piano lessons later in the day and dinner at the Marietta Diner. Her favorite French Toast on challah bread. A huge treat since we are watching her intake of sugar.

February 13 - Tacoma Perry from Fox 5 News came over our house and to Bea's school to interview Beatrice; Bea got to go to art class at school and did a gorgeous watercolor painting. Then PT in the afternoon and the zipline!

February 10 - Nyla, Caleb and Declan come over to play. The kids played Wii, hung out with our cat, Eva, and played lots and lots of games.

February 9 - The family goes to Red Sky for their fundraising dinner and silent auction. It was super fun and totally delicious. We saw lots of friends, neighbors and classmates. Thanks to you all for coming and we hope you had a nice time.

February 7 - Bea's second piano lesson!

February 6 - Bea goes to Computer Lab at Kincaid Elementary.

February 4 - Bea and Lewis go to Catch Air with Dylan. Bouncy bouncy!

February 3 - Mimi and Nanette visit and everybody paints in mom's studio.

February 1 - Grandmum from England arrives for a 2-week visit.

January 31 - First piano lesson!

January 30 - Beatrice receives the Character of the Month Award at Kincaid Elementary. Mom takes her to school for lunch and Bea gets to see her friends for the first time in 6 weeks.

January 27 - Uncle Steve came to radiation to see what happens. Then we went to Chattanooga for the day. We had lunch at Mellow Mushroom and went to the aquarium.

January 26 - Chuck E. Cheese with Uncle Steve, Aunt Missy, mommy and Lewis. Bea learned how to play air hockey.

January 24 - Bea met her piano teacher and is now signed up for a weekly 30 minute lesson.

January 23 - #1 - A visit from Ms. Lynn, Bea's music teacher from St. Catherine's. #2 - Outpatient physical therapy - Bea did so well today that she was allowed to jump into their ball pit!

January 21 - Mini-golfing at Monster Golf in Kennesaw with the family and Aunt Kathy; Bea got a couple of hole in 2's!

January 20 - A visit from "the triplets"!

January 19 - Proper haircut at Intrigue Salon; included a real shampoo, hair cut and styling at mom's "real" salon. She needed this as the neurosurgeon who worked on her the first night in the hospital in December did a real number on her hair.