Monday, March 5, 2012

It Was a Bea-Utiful Night!

Thanks to everybody who came out at Blue Mark Studios on Saturday night.

The entertainment was phenomenal. Thank you so much Claudia Kelly, Levent and James for singing, performing and playing tunes for our enjoyment. You all were hugely inspiring. Bea is still talking about the paper hat trick (if you were there you know what that is).

The food was delicious and drinks were plentiful. I don't think anybody left there complaining, unless they found out they missed out on those wonderful chocolate mousse cups. Lewis ate two and then a huge piece of chocolate cake. Then he hit the dance floor solo without a worry in the world. The little guy was bouncing off a storm of sugar!

Lastly, thanks for making the auction a big success. All said, the auction raised over $2K and this generous support will go a long way in helping Bea and our family. Ticket sales were on par, too. So, again thank you so much!

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