Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Pittsburgh Visit

Tuesday: We arrive at Pitt in early afternoon and get limo'd to the hotel, compliments of the hospital. We settle in, walk several blocks to find some dinner at a little deli and swim in the pool before going to bed. Easy day.

Wednesday: MRI and no eating after 7am. I woke Bea up to a huge breakfast at 6:30am. She ate and went back to sleep for a bit. Her MRI wasn't scheduled until 3pm and we needed to get to the hospital by 2. So, we had time to kill and hung out in the hotel. Bea played games and watched cartoons on her new Kindle Fire (thank you, donators!). We drew some, too. I watched the news. It was a pretty lazy morning.

We got the hospital via hotel shuttle. The MRI does not require sedation and they had a nice alternative - wearing special goggles and watching a selected DVD. We decided to try this and see how it went. Bea did not move until the last few minutes of her 45 minute scan. So, it seems that from here on out we won't need sedation for MRIs at this hospital and Bea can eat whatever she likes, whenever she likes.

Waiting for the MRI

A late rooftop lunch after a late MRI.

Thursday: Bea had her first vaccine treatment. We met Dr. Jackaki, the doctor overseeing the trial. She's very nice and very honest. I like that. I saw Bea's MRI from the day before and it appears that the radiation got rid of a lot of the cancer. It was a relief to see. That being said, there is a cyst enmeshed within the cancer area that is part of it all that has not been diminished much. That is an area of concern for the doctor as far as causing problems for Bea down the pike. If the vaccine causes any swelling, which it can, this cyst will behave like a sponge. This can happen at any time, not just the 48 hours post-injection. So, we need to keep watch hour by hour, day by day, until Bea is through with the trial. That could be up to 2 years.

The experience to get the vaccine was pretty much what I expected - a long day at the hospital. In order to get the shot Bea has to have blood drawn. Then that's tested and then she can get her shot. It's just to make sure that her blood count and hemoglobin (iron) is OK. Her appointment was at 9:00 and we got out of there at 3:30 on the nose, just in time to meet with our limo service to get to the airport.

Then dinner at TGI Fridays in the airport, waiting for the plane and getting home. It was a long day but well worth it.

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  1. So glad to hear that the process went smoothly. And that the radiation worked so well. We'll pray that there is no swelling. Thanks for keeping us posted.


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