Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thank You Woodstream & Friends!

Hands down I live in the best neighborhood ever. I know that phrasing is kind of juvenile but that's how I feel so that's how it is. Our neighbors are friendly, helpful and, well, pretty cool to know.

When Bea was diagnosed a new friend and new neighbor set up a dinner calendar where folks in the neighborhood and local area would make us a meal and drop it off at our home. This went on for two months every other day without fail. Every meal was delicious and nutritious and very, very much appreciated.

All of your help really took a load off when there wasn't enough minutes in the day or I didn't have the energy to even think about food. It helped me put the weight I lost when Bea was in the hospital back where it belonged. Bea was always curious about what new meal was going to arrive so that she could taste something that mom or dad had never made. Lewis wasn't so curious as he's not a good healthy eater but he took it all in, too. Every kid is different.

In short, thank you all for your fine food and even finer care for our family. We couldn't have chosen a better place in the world to live, surrounded by such a loving community.

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