Friday, March 9, 2012

Puppy Postcards!

One of my favorite design clients had a great idea to keep Bea's spirits up a few weeks back. Her name is Renee and she co-owns Bop & Rocksie (, a business that makes adorable accessories for your dogs and puppies. Well, she asked if Bea likes dogs. And, well, yeah, Bea is crazy about dogs.

So, Renee asked if she could send Beatrice a few puppy postcards. Well, she must have a LOT of friends she told about this. Bea has received a couple dozen puppy postcards from gals all over the country. A day has not passed when one didn't arrive. Bea loves them. A few of her absolute favorites are taped to her bedroom wall and she puts the rest in a little pink gift bag and keeps in a special place on her bookshelf. She reads them all the time and is very careful not to lose this special bag. Those of you who know Beatrice know that she can be a bit messy and loses things all the time.

The gist of this post is first to thank all of the great ladies who have corresponded with Bea. You lightened the day for all of us. Second, if you have a cute postcard that you've been waiting to use for someday or someone special, send it to Bea! If you are wanting to mail a card just email me at and I'll get you a mailing address.

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