Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We're Off to Pittsburgh

Bea and I are off to Pittsburgh for 3 days for her first treatment. Today is just a travel day. Bea will have an MRI tomorrow to make sure she's healthy enough for treatment. Also, it's the time we would have had a post-radiation MRI anyway so I'll finally get to see what radiation did for her. Lastly, she'll have her vaccine shot on Thursday morning.

I'm a bag of emotions today. Super nervous about getting there and finding my way around what it supposedly a large facility. I'm nervous about her MRI. It means I'll have to take another real look at Bea's cancer. I hate it but it has to be done. And, there is the possibility that they will deem Bea unfit and not treat her this time. So, there's a lot I need to brace myself for, just in case things don't go the way I want.

Beatrice is generally doing well but is not looking forward to this trip. She knows she's getting a shot. She hates shots. And, her grandparents from the UK are here and she feels like she's missing out on fun stuff by leaving for a few days. That's probably true but we'll have some fun in Pitt. It's not going to be all doctor visits. We'll swim in the hotel pool, hit the treadmill, play games and read books on her new Kindle Fire, draw and find new foods to try out while we're there.

Beatrice has been showing some weakness in her left leg for the past week. It's not just me and her dad seeing it. Her physical therapist saw yesterday and we discussed. It is causing her to lose her balance and she is falling sometimes. So, we're keeping an eye on this and will be in contact with her doctor should it progress. Hopefully, the vaccine will do some damage to the cancer and her balance will return.


  1. Have a safe, happy and healthy trip to Pittsburgh. Sending you and Bea lots of good vibes and much, much love your way!


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