Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another Update / A Bea Event, Kind of

Bea is home. And, that's the good news. She's happy to be home and that's the great news.

Other than that, well, there is not a lot of really good news to share. Dr. Jackaki, Bea's trial doctor, told Chris that the mass (tumor) has increased in size. It is smaller than when she started the trial but larger than her last scan. The MRI gives some detail but not enough to determine if the mass is too many good Tcells, bad cancer cells or both. Her gut says it's the cancer.

Bea had a sodium scan to see if that could provide more detail. The results should be in within a few days. They could be inconclusive, too.

What will be conclusive is the effect the steroids she will start taking today. If the steroids cause a significant improvement that means it's the Tcells. Tcells are the body's immune cells and steroids make them go away. Supposedly fairlly quickly. If Bea's improvement is modest then it will indicate that the growth is cancer.

Either way, I've taken Bea out of school indefinitely. The steroids pretty much destroy one's immune system so sending her to gradeschool would be irresponsible. I mean, she'd get every bug on every kid there and not have the ability to get rid of it on her own. So, that was an easy decision.

So, we're in a wait and see mode... again. Dr. Jackaki suggested we consider a second clinical trial at MD Anderson for Bea, if this one doesn't work out.

Now a change of editorial direction... our neighborhood is having a yard sale Friday and Saturday from 8-2 with supposedly 20+ houses participating. I'm doing it because it's always fun and I can sell off all of those things we don't use or fit into anymore that clutter our house.

Bea asked if she could sell her art and I said I'd make a little art show for her. Not everything will be for sale. I'm going to display a few of my favorites that are on display in the house but that I'd like to show for her. But, most will be available for purchase. If any of you have a hankering for some art or want to come see it or just want to see what me and my neighbors are selling off, please come by.

The neighborhood is Woodstream at Blackjack Hills in Marietta. The main corridor through the neighbhorhood is Rockcrest Drive, right off of Allgood Road.

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  1. Hi Helen, I had met you at your garage sale yesterday and purchased two of Bea's pieces, along with the kids tables and chairs and wood kitchen thingy. I just read all of your posts and although I didn't get to meet Bea, I can understand why "SweetBea". I will keep Bea and your family in my prayers, keep fighting Bea.


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