Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Your Child Could Be the One

If you are coming across my blog and are a parent whose child has been diagnosed with DIPG you are probably where I was 18 months ago. Terrified but determined for save your son or daughter.

Your child could be the one. The one who survives. I still believe it's possible, even though my Beatrice did not survive.

If you are a DIPG parent and want to read through my blog for ideas on things to do or to find out what we did as a family feel free. But, I'd like to issue a friendly warning that the last 6 weeks of Bea's life were tough and from the outside I probably sound like a nutter.

I always believed it was possible that Bea could pull through. And, even though she's gone I believe that a cure is coming. There is going to be a first and a second and a third. Your child could be the one.

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