Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Second Trip to Pitt Coming Up!

Bea and I are going on our second trip to Pittsburgh this weekend. We're leaving midafternoon on Sunday and will arrive early evening. This trip is just a shot. No MRI or any bloodwork. So, it's just a matter of waking up, getting to her appointment on time and then heading home. The appointment always takes a lot longer than stated on paper so the day won't be short. But, it'll be easy in terms of what they'll be doing to Bea.

And, Bea has a Kindle Fire now so I can load it with music, games and videos to entertain her while we wait. Hands down her favorite game is Angry Bird, music is the Fresh Beat Band and favorite video alternates from the Jetsons to the Pink Panther to the Mr. Men Show.

As a reward for her courage her dad and I are taking her to see the Fresh Beat Band on Friday the 13th of April. She is absolutely pumped. If any of you know the Fresh Beats this show is like sugar on steroids. And, if you know mom and dad you know that this is not exactly our scene when it comes to music. But, it's not for us, eh? Bea is stoked and I'm sure there will be a few musical moments here and there that'll be pretty great... well, I'm going to try to keep an open mind at the very least!

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