Saturday, July 21, 2012

One Step Backwards and a Half Step Forwards

So, good news... Bea got sent home last night with no surgery. Her oncologist and neurosurgeon agreed that she does have hydrosephalus but it is very, very mild and it appears that her body is taking care of it. It's at a level where steroids can be used to reduce swelling but where surgery is not necessary.

Bea is going to have a follow up consultation with both doctors on Monday. It's possible that things could worsen and she'll still need the procedure. But, of course, our hope is that this won't be needed.

So, that's half a step forward.

The area of concern is still about whether a new growth is cancer or super spectacular T-cells doing their business. Based on the Pittsburgh trial doctor's synopsis of the visit on Thursday the cancer area has grown but it's impossible to tell if the growth is good or bad.

Bea's oncologist in Atlanta indicated that the trial doctor suspects it is the good stuff but I'm not gonna get all excited about that. The emotional roller coaster (excuse the cliche) that this causes for a parent can tend to flatten inconclusive news. I need real proof these days before I get excited and write that classic "Wahoo". I hope to "Wahoo" soon.


  1. Praying so hard that it's super cells doing their business!!!

  2. Go T-cells!! Lots of people praying for Bea and your whole family.


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