Saturday, August 11, 2012

So, How's Bea Doing Now?

It's been awhile since my last posting and a lot has been accomplished in between. Bea is doing very well today. Actually, I'd say she's about as good as she was in June before she got an ear infection and all kinds of other kids stuff and then the hydrosephalus from a few weeks back.

She is on a steroid and the dosage is going down bit by bit. She will be off them this Friday. So far there have been no symptom recurrences while the she's being weaned off the steroid. That's good news. And, she's regained her balance, her focus, her intensity and regained a really healthy appetite (partly in thanks to the steroid). Actually, she's been perpetually hungry because of that drug. But, her hunger is becoming more and more normal now, too.

Her first day of 1st grade is in 2 days, on Monday, August 13. She's going to take the bus, per usual. She's going to have a new teacher in a regular classroom. I am completely comfortable with her going back full time. With how she's been the last few weeks I have no doubt she can handle it just fine. Actually, it's not even a matter of handling it. She really, really wants to go back and learn and play with her friends.

So, after a stressful month things are looking up. Wahoo!
I told you all I'd "wahoo" again.


  1. My daughter is going to be sitting right beside Bea in class. She is super excited about this. :) Here's to new friends and a great new school year.

    Continuing to pray for Bea and your family...
    Kelly Mellen & Family

  2. Bea continues to amaze me with her fight and her attitude. Incredible little girl you've got there.


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