Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bea Update / More Bea Art for Sale

Beatrice loves making art and had a very productive period in late July/early August. She was just getting over her bad bout of hydrosephalus and the feeling in her right hand was almost 100% normal.

And so, of course, she made lots and lots of art. I finally put it all together, photographed and have most of it posted online for sale, again. She loves being a selling professional artist. So, to be direct, if you like her art there are lots of items for sale in my Etsy shop at

Some of the sales become pocket money for her and some go into her bank account. The pocket money is especially important because, well, even though Bea is doing OK right now she's still not well enough to do regular chores and earn an allowance. She's not 100% steady all the time and the feeling in her right hand is highly diminished. This lack of sensation has been pretty steady for about 2 weeks now and we're hoping that it will heal as it did back in January. If not, Bea's a trooper and is doing the best she can with it. And, she's learning to use her left hand for a variety of tasks.

Bea's a very adaptable little girl but I know she's having some stress about her illness. She's a good student and not being able to write well or quickly has made learning a little less enjoyable for her.

This last trip to Pittsburgh and her bout with hydrosephalus definitely took its toll on her. She isn't as happy as usual and has a lot more fear. She doesn't like to go out as much and prefers to sit. She just doesn't move around like she did a few months ago.

Recognizing this problem is hard because it is fairly new and I want to believe that Bea is OK. I don't believe that Bea is depressed but I do believe she is experiencing real stress. I imagine that this would be inevitable. She has been through so darn much over the past 9 months. I don't know how she didn't get stressed before. So, now me and Chris have to work on handling her physical health as well as making sure that she can cope psychologically.

No, that's not totally true. I want better for Bea than just coping. I can cope. She should be happy. Bea really, really, really deserves at least that.

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