Monday, November 12, 2012

Some Days at Scottish Rite

Bea has been at Scottish Rite Hospital since Satuday morning. Her symptoms were worse and worse almost by the hour last week and so Chris and I took her to the ER. She was constantly sleeping and could hardly sit herself up. Her speech was disappearing, too. My suspicion was that her shunt was broken. And, well, it was.

She had a partial replacement of the shunt on Saturday that is not working up to par. Her improvment has been slight so the neurosurgeon will be investigating further today. She is talking a little but is still very weak and lethargic. When a VP shunt is replaced the change you see is almost immediate - if it's successful.

Her hydrosephalus is entirely treatable here and we'll be going home soon but really, really unfortunate. For Bea to survive this horrible disease would in almost every sense be a miracle. And so we want her days to be as healthy as possible so she can enjoy every possible minute.


  1. Bea is such a special little girl. I felt so honored to meet her at the fundraiser put on by Vickie Cimkentli back in March! My wife and I keep your entire family in our thoughts and prayers.

    Paul Sponaugle

  2. Sending you an internet hug ♥


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