Friday, January 20, 2012

Meet Lewis

Meet Lewis. He is Beatrice's little brother. He absolutely loves her to bits and they play all the time.

Lewis is his own little person and makes sure that we know it. He jumps constantly, especially when he's really excited about something. Those of you who know him can vouch for that. He's a bit of a mama's boy and loves to give me hugs and kisses and has a silly sense of humor. He has recently decided to start replying to "I love my Lewis" with "I love my acorn." He completely cracks up. I don't quite understand the joke but I'm glad to be the butt of it. That's just what you do for your kids.

He loves to eat pizza, pasta, pears and PB&J (the four Ps of any good diet). He hates vegetables and likes to follow me into the kitchen during snack time to make sure I'm giving him something he likes.

Lewis' favorite activity right now is playing Angry Bird. Not the iPhone game but an actual physical game where you build a wall and then catapult a bird head to knock it down. He also loves to play Wii, especially with Beatrice. Anything Wii is good but games where there is jumping is always a favorite. Or, he jumps anyway even if it's not part of the activity.

The reason I'm writing about him is because he's a pretty amazing little person and it would be so easy for him to get lost in all of the stuff our family is going through. He is one of my two little stars and his light shines just as bright as his sister's does.

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  1. You are so amazing for thinking of Lewis' needs too. I grew up with a sister with a disability and now run Sibshops - workshops for brothers and sisters with special needs. Sibs are often left out in tough situations. Your post is a testament to how wonderful your family is!!! You are all in our prayers!
    Jennifer Garrett (mom of Brynn & Addie at St. Cats)


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