Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Story of the Purple Mouse

As many of you have read Beatrice has expressed a desire to become a professional artist. I got her set up on my Etsy account almost 2 weeks ago and she has been a great success.

One of my favorite drawings that she did is one titled "Purple Mouse". It's a great story of how something that you think is a disaster actually turns out to be something fantastic.

Beatrice was commissioned to draw a dog and had some trouble with her first attempt. She was very upset by the shape of the body and the ears and wanted to give up on the artwork. I saw that with a few strokes of the pen she could turn it into a mouse but I didn't want to tell her what to make. So, I suggested that maybe some whiskers and a long tail would make it look more interesting. She was not a believer but did it anyway.

Lo and behold, a purple mouse presented itself! She laughed and was quite pleased with the end result. And, she titled it "Purple Mouse".

If you would like to purchase a Purple Mouse product there are a few for sale!


  1. My name is Jasmine Hopkins and I am a 10th grader at Blessed Trinity High School in Roswell, GA. I heard of the SweetBea Fund just tonight and I really wanted to help, so I went to this website. The story of the Purple Mouse was the first thing I read. Like many 16-year-old girls, I constantly struggle with the pressure to be perfect whether it is in performance or appearance and I can be very hard on myself when I do not achieve the level of perfection I desire. "Purple Mouse" however, made me think about things in a different perspective. Tomorrow, me and my friends will be drawing purple mice on our hands or forearms as a reminder that love is louder than the pressure to be perfect and it will get better. If anyone asks, and I know for a fact they will, what the purple mice mean, we will direct them to this website and urge them to donate. In such a short about of time and without even meeting her, Bea has made a huge positive impact on my life and I am more than ready to give back.
    Thank you so much, Bea! You and your family our in the prayers of many.
    -Jasmine Hopkins

  2. I love this comment! Thank you for the thoughtful words and very appropriate use of the purple mouse symbol.


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