Friday, February 17, 2012

Bea and Mom's Rory Cube - Story #1

Rory Cube is a game where you roll several die with images on each side and use those icons to write a story. The game can be done solo or collaboratively.

When Bea was at Scottish Rite going through PT, OT and all the other therapies to get her strong we played the game once. We may play it again soon. In the meantime I'll share what we wrote. There is no title.

"Untitled" by Bea Tolley and Helen Ziga

Once upon a time... there was a flower.

The flower woke up in the morning and thought "What a beautiful day! I wonder what I will do today."

Then a bumblebee came. The bumblebee was hungry and happy to find a delicious flower for lunch. She had flown all the way from the castle on the other side of the kingdom.

Then a turtle came and said "I want that flower, too."

Behind the turtle sat a sad looking man. He said "I would love a beautiful flower, too. But no flower would want to be my friend. Ho hum."

Then the man walked away with his cane feeling very sad.

The flower and the turtle wanted to do something nice for the sad man. The turtle said, "I know! My uncle owns an apartment building. Let's all live there and be friends forever." Then he shouts to the sad man. "Sad man! Sad man! I have a key to a special door for you."

They all go to the apartment and live happily ever after.

The end.

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