Monday, February 6, 2012

Radiation Is Over!... So, What Now?

Beatrice is radiant these days and has finished her last radiation treatment today with no problems.

So, with that being done... what's next? There's a lot coming up and I'm going to share the absolute plans as well as speculative plans here. I am not going to include info about clinical trials here because we don't know yet.

Our goal right now is to balance both getting Beatrice the treatment that she needs as well as making this year the best ever. We don't know if any of the treatments she could be eligible for will work or if the side effects are dangerous. So, we need to keep a level head when we make decisions about how to treat Beatice and how to approach every single day with her.

By all accounts Beatrice seems like a completely healthy little girl right now. It is very easy to become complacent and forget that the days pass quite quickly. And, that also makes it really easy to forget that she still has cancer. It's easy to forget that this cancer will start growing again. It's easy to ignore the fact that this cancer can outsmart most therapies eventually. It is unbearable to think that Beatrice would leave us with only having had a glimps of the amazing world we live in. So, we're making it amazing today and hope to do it again tomorrow.

Regularly Scheduled Activities
  • Physical Therapy - every Monday and Wednesday afternoon for 50 minutes
  • Piano Lessons - every Tuesday at 4 for 30 minutes
  • Homebound Tutoring - once a week for 3 hours
  • Enrichment Class at Kincaid - most Mondays from 11-11:50

Absolute Plans
  • The Beach - a visit to L&L near Charleston, SC for 5 days of R&R at the end of February
  • Fresh Beat Band - tix for April 13 - Wahoo!

Speculative Plans
  • Disney Word - through Make A Wish; unfortunately, we are on the waiting list and it could be 9-12 months before this happens; but, it will be 100% paid for and supposedly very grand
  • Savannah/Tybee Island - a favorite destination we hope to do in the spring
  • The Atlanta Zoo - got some tix and will go within the next few weeks
  • Chattanooga - a weekend visit to the aquarium, Creative Discovery Museum and Hunter Museum of Art
  • The Movies - got enough tix for the family to go 2 times; waiting for the right movies for the kids to come out
  • Dahlonega for the Day - a quite mountain town 1 hr north of ATL; good food and scenery
  • Catch Air and Chuck E. Cheese - will go as often as possible; Bea and Lewis' two favorite places to go
  • Atlanta Aquarium and the Center for Puppetry Arts - don't know when but we're going!
  • High Museum of Art - I'll go solo w/Bea one day in the next few weeks while Lewis is at school; sorry to say but he won't enjoy it.


  1. Yay! Radiation is over. Now, let the fun times begin!! Run, skip, jump Bea to the museums, shows, beach, Disney, Chuck E. Cheese, school and so on! I can picture her awesome smile already.

  2. For your Disney trip, check out the They have a wonderful group of Wish families over there that can give you all sorts of information about what to expect with your daughter's Wish trip and how it all works! It really is a great resource and such great families there that can tell you all about Give Kids the World- the place most Wish kids stay at during their trips.


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