Friday, February 3, 2012

Bea Loves Dr. Greg

How can I accurately describe Bea's love of Dr. Greg? It would be hard to do so without talking about the man himself. Once you get to know Dr. Greg you'll understand why Bea adores him so.

Dr. Greg is Bea's radiation doctor. He is the person who oversees the process that is keeping our Sweet Bea alive and has brought her into an incredible remission. He has a gentle southern drawl and a hearty laugh. He is a dad, clearly. A man who has two sons who he loves and talks about with Bea. A man with four dogs as well, so you know he has a lot of energy. A man who looks for Bea every morning at 7:20 am and opens the door for her when we arrive. A man who kisses Bea on the forehead before she goes to sleep for radiation. A man who talks like Donald Duck and makes her laugh, relaxing her to the point where her blood pressure is almost always normal now. No more spikes from feeling nervous or upset. She feels like she's his special girl when she's there. She's the only one he cares about in the few moments a day that they see each other.

Beatrice truly loves Dr. Greg and, I have to say, she's not the only one.

Dr. Greg works at the Winship Cancer Center which is part of the Emory University Hospital system. Their equipment is state of the art and the facilities are very accomodating. The Winship Cancer Center has a variety of ways that you can support them. If you are considering a worthwhile place to donate or volunteer, please consider this center of healing. The donation will be going to support a worthwhile cause and the center is run by a team of amazing people.

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