Saturday, December 8, 2012

Better Still

Bea is still going strong and is finally having some truly happy moments. She'll make a little noise now and again. Nothing specifically verbal but it's always when something she likes happens - like when our cat Eva hops up to nap on her. She also giggled last night while I watched Wallace & Gromit with her. Cracking Contraptions is a steady favorite and there's one particular skit about soccer that always cracks her up.

So, it's clear that she's pretty much totally lucid and follows what's going on as long as she's awake. And, that's almost all day. We do whatever we can to entertain - reading books, playing with a ball, bringing out some of her favorite toys, painting her nails, massaging her hands and feet - whatever we can think of to keep her feeling good.

When she gets particularly excited she tries very hard to sit up. If she keeps improving I think that'll happen soon. She is also moving her fingers on her left hand a bit - enough to pet the cat, jingle a bell or hold something important. She also can push a ball just a teeny tiny bit. I'm planning on doing more ball play with her today.

I'm still in a bit of disbelief that the doctor's wrote her off so quickly just 3 weeks ago. My thought is that it was a mistake but an understandable one. Bea was recovering from hydrosphalus. No doubt about that. This was the fourth time and the second time that is was really bad. She has never healed quickly from it. Her slow response to therapy has given doctor's pause in the past but she always managed to come through. It just takes her longer than most people. That's what I believe happened here. The doctors didn't take into account her past recoveries and were basing their conclusion on the common. Commonly, one would have no recovery. But, we all know that Bea is no common little girl.


  1. Wow, what a great post to read this morning. Such an amazing little girl!

  2. "...she always managed to come through. It just takes her longer than most people." The story of my life in a nutshell! Never give up, even (or especially!) when odds are stacked against you. Bea has my vote 100%. GO BEA GO! :-)

  3. Ah! This makes me so happy to read this! I love seeing continued positive updates on sweet Bea! Way to go little warrior! I'm so proud of you! We are still praying for you...every single day! Stay strong, love! xoxo

  4. I found your blog through a friend on my FB. I want you to know I'm praying for Bea and your sweet family. Positive energy is being sent your way! Your little girl is touching lives. She is so beautiful, and I bet you are so proud of her.

  5. Helen - we check your blog often. Thank you for keeping it updated. I want you and Chris to know that we talk about you all everyday and include you in our prayers. We're happy to hear that Bea is awake, lucid, and able to laugh.

    Fiona mentioned Bea last night. Apparently a girl in one of the Christmas shows we watched reminded Fiona of Bea ... which demonstrates to us that Bea remains ever-present in her mind.

  6. Hey Helen,

    This is the Amazon you played tennis against from Westchester, Joannah Mackenny. I've been following your blog as you all have been and are in my prayers. Bea is such a trooper! She continues to inspire so many. It's amazing to have that kind of effect on people at such a young age. Wallace and Grommit is classic. My husband is from England and that's one of his faves so my kids love them too. I'm happy to hear her finding joy in all the little things. We all know she is one special little girl and she is equally lucky to have such a wonderful family with her fuzzy sibling by her side. Go Team Bea!!


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