Monday, December 31, 2012

One More Request

Thanks to everybody who has been so supportive over the past 12 months. To our old and new friends and loving family who have been here through it all, present physically or not.

Beatrice benefited from the dedicated doctors and staff from so many different medical institutions. These are places where I met and saw so many children and families with their own amazing stories.

These institutions are incredibly well run and make life as smooth and easy as possible for families like us.

Where Bea Received Radiation and Lots of Loving Care and the Workplace of Dr. Greg - The Winship Cancer Center at Emory:

Provided Lots of Support to Our Family - The Brain Tumor Foundation for Children:

Where Bea Received Rehab and All Kinds of Health Support in 2012: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta:

If you or your employer plan to donate this year, please consider the places that provided the best care and experiences for Bea. It was the little extra things that made all the difference for us.

  • CHOA has musical clowns and therapy dogs that entertain the children on a daily basis. They have a music therapist who wanders the halls looking for children to sing and loan an instrument to during their stay.
  • The Winship Cancer Center has the most up-to-date radiation machinery that allowed for more targeted therapy for Bea. The machines had little radiation bounce. This was very new equipment at the time. The new machine meant no ricochet of radiation to the area of the brain that's healthy. Less bounce meant less injury to her brain. This is also where Bea met Dr. Greg, her biggest crush and a loving man who made her look forward to going to radiation.
  • The Brain Tumor Foundation for Children does so many things for children and families. Some of what they do is provide financial support for families who are struggling with their bills. They also pass along your info to other foundations, such as Super Sibs, who also provide amazing support.


  1. Dear Helen,
    Thanks for letting us into your lives for a few moments back in February. Meeting Sweet Bea made a difference in my life. From you and her, I learned a little more about courage and good will. I'm sad to hear of her passing, but so happy I got to meet her. I wish you and your family peace in this new year.
    Mike - Tacoma's cameraman.

  2. What a blessing that you had access to these wonderful organizations. Thank you for sharing Bea and your family with us. My boys and I will always hold you in our hearts. xo