Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Keeping Bea and Lewis Entertained

Santa came to visit on Sunday. He brought a beautiful fabric book of The Night Before Christmas and read it to Bea. The kind old gent brought with him a very adept photographer who worked his own special magic with Lewis, my little man who detests mugging for the camera.

Santa Finds a Book in His Sack

Santa Reads Bea The Night Before Christmas

Lewis and His Silly Pal Mickey Mouse

Bea & Her Buddy Eva the Cat

Uncle Steve from Philadelphia visited for the weekend. He spent a lot of time with both Bea and Lewis. He and I took Lewis to Lake Lanier to see the lights and also indulged Lewis with some amusement park rides and popcorn. Uncle Steve got a bit dizzy on one so mom had to do most of the riding with Lewis. Uncle Steve and Daddy also took Lewis out to do mini-golf and go-carts at Mountasia.

The weekend before brought a visit from Grandmom from Philadelphia who spent a lot of time sitting with and reading to Bea. She also went Christmas shopping with me and bought Bea a beautiful red velvet Christmas dress to wear on the big day.

Through all of this Bea has been holding steady and holding court at our house. We have had a steady stream of visitors of friends and family and are so thankful for you all. We are thankful for the company, the gifts, the food and most of all the love you bring and leave behind for Bea to keep her strong.


  1. thought of you yesterday - in my heart and in my prayers; hugs to Bea and Lewis.

  2. I love that Eva the cat just nestles in right with Bea. Cats do so much to comfort...and Bea looks so good at home--it's so colorful and comfy looking. Blessings to you all~

  3. What an awesome man. I love him. Such a kind, gentle giant. Wow.

  4. This makes my eyes fill up with happy tears! Bea, honey, you amaze me! You are so strong and such a fighter! I'm so proud of you! I have to tell you too..I was thinking the other day...did you know that you can't have the word BEAutiful with out Bea? How awesome is that?! HUGE hugs to you sweet girl and hugs to your momma, daddy and little brother too! xoxoxo